London’s best healthy cafes, shops and juice bars

It’s great to be home after trotting around Europe for a few months. Indulging my wanderlust has been exceptionally fantastic for the soul and an efficient way to cross off heaps of stuff off the old bucket list, but it wasn’t too crash hot for the bod. After getting stuck into artigianale gelato (handmade gelato created on the premises), authentic Margherita pizzas, baklava and Spanish tapas washed down with sangria, by the time I reached London I was gagging for a green juice, veggies and super foods.

London you ask? Aren’t the poms all about greasy, heavy pub food and a pint (or several)? Well yes, that part is very much alive in good old London-town. But London is also a haven for the health food fanatic! This city is thriving with nutritious cuisine, if you know where to look…

My favourite places to eat, detox and chill out were:

Neal’s Yard Wild Juicery16a Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

Hidden in the shop-filled alleyways of Covent Garden, Wild Juicery can be found in the lively and colourful square called Neal’s Yard. This place is heaven in a young coconut shell. They offer delicious cold-pressed juices, smoothies brimming with super foods and a range of healthy and raw snacks for the rumbling tummy.

After perusing the menu, I settled first on the ‘Berry. How did I get to be so Supercharged?’. Continue reading

Quinoa and Sweet Potato Satay Bowl

I am SO keen for Quinoa right now. I think I just like saying the word. It’s pronounced ‘KEEN-WAH’ if you were at all curious. It sounds like the sound you’d make when doing a karate chop, or when opening an extremely stubborn jar of almond butter.

Quinoa is great stuff. Don’t be scared of it just coz it’s an ancient grain and you’re a modern lady/fella (well, actually it’s an ancient seed, but all those super food marketing gurus out there seem to have missed that memo!).

Keen for Quinoa satay!

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Super-soaking bathing rituals

Bathing rituals are the bomb. Not only do they make you feel like royalty, but they can also be magically detoxifying and healing for your body…if you do it right.

Dry body brushing

I like to start the bathing ritual with a little thing called dry body brushing. It’s a fantastic way to help get things moving and give toxins a big boot up the rear-end. Your lymphatic system will bow down to you, trust me! It also helps rid your scaly body of dry skin to give you beaming, soft skin and encourage cell renewal, while also getting rid of the yucky stuff that clog up your pores. All you need is a natural bristle brush, preferably with a long handle to reach your back (mine is from The Body Shop). Then, just start at your toes and the bottom of your feet and brush toward the heart, all over your bod. If you want to stimulate digestion, brush your belleh in an anti-clockwise direction. Do this every morning before you step into the shower, and you’ll notice a difference in the quality of your skin. Glow baby, glow! Continue reading

Recipe: Rawsome Superhero Mousse

I’m currently rockin’ a chocolate moussetache. You heard it here first: moussetache is the new milkstache.

But it’s not because I’ve lost my cool and scoffed an entire carton of cream-laden, sugary, sinful mousse while watching Sex and the City re-runs and waving my spoon around in disgust at Ms Bradshaw cheating on Aidan (what WAS she thinking?!).

Don’t get me wrong, I flipping love mousse. So I’ve created a dreamy, creamy chocolate mousse that is actually superb for your hot bod. Coz healthy is sexy and so is chocolate…and so is Aidan.


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To market, to market – The Beaches Market

One of my favourite things to do is to mosey around a good local farmers market. I love the vibrant colours of fresh produce, the mixed aromas of cooking food and watching the chirpy, bright-eyed regulars clutching fashionable eco bags or baskets brimming with all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

I visited The Beaches Market on Friday at Rat Park, Warriewood/Narrabeen…and it was marvellous! Best to get there early, all the good stuff is gone by midday!

Luscious strawberries

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How to win free stuff

I’m a competition ninja. This year alone, I have won a 12 course organic love feast, tickets to two food festivals, 2 kg of raw chocolate, a single block of raw dark chocolate, a bag of raw super food mix, a bag of gluten free oats, raw honey, luxury accommodation for four nights in Byron Bay, a digital camera, a scuba diving course, $50 voucher for a smoothie bar, a tea box, an invite to a traditional tea ceremony and a partridge in a pear tree (Ok, I didn’t win the last item, but I can keep wishing!).

I’m not telling you all this just to rub it in your face. People always say to me,  ‘Oh, you’re so lucky, I never win anything’. Well, if you’re keen for free stuff and experiences, you can send that attitude packing. Your luck is about to change!

Organic love feast prize

Here are some little tips and tricks which have helped me along on my winning streak: Continue reading

Coconut raw cacao brownies

I’m the first to admit, I’m no Donna Hay in the kitch. I’m a slap dash kinda gal. I like a bit of a quickie. Probably why I have a bizarre crush on Fast Ed from Better Homes and Gardens.

Lately, I’ve been hankering for a deliciously naughty brownie. The kind where you sink your teeth into the rich, fudgy chocolatey goodness and you hear your own internal soundtrack of ‘Hallelujah’ and forget your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s or date’s name.

But of course it’s gotta be gluten free, dairy free, fructose friendly and vegetarian. Plus it must be quick, simple, involve minimal crazy ingredients and pack a nutritional punch. Impossible you say? Challenge accepted!

Lookie what I came up with…my first ever recipe!

Coconut raw cacao brownie

Coconut raw cacao brownies (gluten free, low carb, dairy free, fructose friendly, vegetarian and male ‘Carb Monster’ approved) Continue reading

Going gaga over green smoothies

Welcome munchkins to my first blog post!

Springtime is well and truly here. The days are lighter and longer, the foliage is lush and the birds and bees are doing their thang. Everyone seems to be shining a bit brighter. ‘Tis the season to be looking for ways to refresh, re-balance and shed our wicked wintry ways.

Getting into swing of Spring, I’ve formed a juicy new romance. I’ve recently fallen head over heels for liquid nutrition. Of the gorgeous green kind. Green smoothies are quite seriously a one-way ticket to sparkledom and energetic bliss.

I like green-a-coladas

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